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Investor Relations

Our vision for mConferences is to become the#1 Database-Marketplace for all Medical Events and Medical Conferences in the world.  Our intention is to facilitate Medical Education & Knowledge, by making Medical events easy to find.  Hopefully, many of these events will also allow online on-demand access as well.
It’s important to emphasize that in updating our database, we perform daily quality controls, which ensure the information provided is accurate.  That is, information on the speakers, their presentation subjects and schedules.
Moreover, our vision is for HCPs, regardless of specialty, to visit just One Source of Information -the mConferences web or app - in order to find the Medical educational events of their interest, whether happening today, in a week, any month, or those that have already taken place and can be viewed On – Demand.
In order to make our vision a reality, we need the support of people who believe in it as well. We need investors who will help us materialise it.   We welcome ideas or ways of reaching this goal.
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